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Question: “How do you know if you’re a leader?”

Answer: “You look back and see people following you.”

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Directing Sucks! Sean’s Confessional – Your Threshold Guardians & 7 Steps To Kick ‘Em In The Teeth (with template)

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"...my lead actress... 
my pregnant lead actress who is starring in my action flick? 
She could be my escape!"

A crisp sunny December morn — Thursday to be exact. Birds chirp, a movie shoot is just 2 hours away…and me?

I’m in bed — fetal — and pissed at God.

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Your Friendly Pharmacy For Creative Health

What Ails You, My Friend?

I Don’t Have Any Money (boo sniff-sniff hoo)!

  • Prescription (Cocktail):

1) Get thee to “Rebel Without a Crew” post haste. Inspiration and strategy for more than filmmakers, enjoy! (Hint: film is dead so there’s your $0 budget)

2) Check back soon for my forthcoming post onon how End-run past money, and how I made my dream a reality on $0 budget — stay tuned)..

I Need To Lead A Team For My Dream Project, But How?

(hint: it’s like a party, only different)

  • Prescription:

Creativity Inc. Pixar — oh yeah… This book absolutely revolutionized how I thought of collaboration. If you are a lone-wolf kind of artist, this book is not for you — though, maybe you should reconsider the whole “lone-wolf” thing. If so, then this book IS for you 😉

I Don’t Know How To Tell A Screenworthy Story!

(why let that stop you…)

  • Prescription:

I only recommend what I’ve read, this was my first screenwriting book and it should be yours: Save The Cat. It is great for any form of storytelling, but especially for screen. Go on, get it!

I Don’t Even Know How To Format A Screenplay!

(and, neither did any first-time screenwriter)

  • Prescription (Cocktail):

1) Get thee Celtx it’s FREE — and I still use it to this day (Sean’s eyes narrow menacingly at Final Draft’s price tag).

2) Watch this video on how to hack around with Celtx (plus the basics of screenplay format).

3) Order the Hollywood Standard post haste. Go with ground shipping to save some $$, then it’ll be there right after you have made a go of Celtx. Don’t even look at anything else for current, real-world formatting! Seriously. And if buying used, make sure it is most current edition. If not, suck it up and buy new.

4) Read a screenplay already! Why does everyone avoid this step? Here is my favorite screenplay hosting site, pick a favorite movie and read the screenplay (hint: you will get a feel for more than just formatting in the process).

My Story Has No Frikin’ Soul!

(hey, only read after you’ve written at least one complete story)

  • Prescription:

My Story Can Beat Up Your Story — oh, how I LOVE this book. Forget Campbell (often confusing), forget Story (often meandering) — this is the best, bottom line. I reference it all the time, have even pushed it on my writing parter, who agrees it is worth it’s weight in gold — but again, only after you’ve written something…